Frozen Vegetables
Health studies show that frozen vegetables are just as good for our health as fresh vegetables and provide as many benefits, if not more as most veggies are frozen very quickly from being picked.
When considering the amount of time that it takes for fresh produce to reach our supermarkets from the time that it was actually picked, frozen veg could be a better option.
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Frozen Vegetables

This interesting fact about frozen vegetables probably comes as good news to many as frozen, packaged vegetables can be less expensive than fresh. Frozen varieties come with the added convenience of not having to wash, peel or cut the vegetables in preparation for cooking.

Also frozen vegetables are not at risk of going off or going past their sell-by date within a short time period. Also this type of produce is easy to cook and it clearly states on the packaging how many calories in frozen vegetables.


Frozen Vegetables

Try to select frozen vegetables without added salt of additives as they do not provide great health benefits. This type of produce provides unnecessary levels of salt which can result in increased or high blood pressure.

Additives in frozen vegetables can effect vital nutrients that are essential to the benefit of our health and well-being. Providing the vegetables are fresh frozen and do not contain added additives or preservatives, then they are classed as being a very healthy food option.

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