Chives belong to the onion family which is a vegetable that provides great health benefits as it is good for the blood, helps to significantly lower cholesterol and to strengthen the immune system which protects our bodies against colds and flu viruses, and other health conditions and illnesses including major diseases such as heart disease.
Chives are a vegetable or an edible plant that is a member of the onion family, grouped together with onions, shallots, garlic and leeks, the chive belongs to the allium family. Chives are often classed as a herb, particularly in culinary terms. This is a pretty vegetable, it is actually aromatic grass with pale lilac flowers which are also edible.
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Chives - Cutting and Preparing
Chives are usually snipped and used to garnish salads and soups, chives are also often used as an additional ingredient to egg recipes and certain types of soft cheese. Chives have a distinct and delicious flavor similar to a mild onion taste.

Chives can be cooked but should only be cooked very briefly as they quickly lose their nutritional value and health benefits through the cooking process. In addition to this, the chive can lose flavor very quickly when cooked.

Garlic Chives and Chinese Chives
Garlic chives and Chinese chives are the same type just with different names. The onion flavor of this variety tastes marvelous when added to oriental recipes and stir-frys.

They should be prepared in exactly the same way as the normal variety of chive, and makes a great chives substitute. Both the green and white parts can be eaten.

Storing Chives
Chives will stay fresh and fine to eat for up to seven days in the refrigerator. Fresh and healthy chives will appear green with no signs of wilting or brown spots.

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