Carbs in Vegetables
Not all carbs are bad for our health. The carbs in vegetables are some of the best carbs as they do not have added refined sugar, therefore, they are healthy carbohydrates which are known as complex carbs. These healthy carbs in vegetables are good as they contain naturally occurring sugars that the body is able to deal with easily as it can slowly metabolize allowing the brain to feel positive, balanced and energized. Complex carbs are naturally occurring and have not been stripped of their nutrients. Vegetables have many health benefits and this is definitely one of them!
Simple Carbs Definition - Carbs that are bad for our health as they contain added refined sugar. Carbs that our bad for our health are known as simple carbs. These carbohydrates have added refined sugar and the food is stripped of its natural vitamins, nutrients and minerals during the refining process and this results in the food having a pure sugar effect on our health and bodies. The sugar enters the bloodstream quickly and make us crave for more. Simple carbs can result in poor mental and physical health.
Healthy Foods Index
Vegetable Carbs List (PER 100 GRAMS)

Globe Artichoke Stem, leave and heart boiled 2.7
Jerusalem Artichoke flesh boiled 10.6
Asparagus Boiled 1.4
Asparagus Canned, Drained 1.5
Asparagus Green and White Varieties 1.7/1.8
Aubergine Calories Aubergine Fried 2.8
Beetroot Calories Beetroot Boiled 9.5
Canned Broad Beans 11
Frozen Broad Beans Boiled 11.7
Shelled Broad Bean 12
Boiled Broccoli 1.1
Frozen Broccoli 2.3
Brussel Sprouts Boiled 3.5
Cauliflower Boiled 2.1
Cauliflower Frozen 1.9
Celery Stem 0.9
Celery Stem Boiled 0.8
Boiled Baby Corn on the Cob 2.7
Corn on the Cob 18
Canned Corn Kernels 26.6
Frozen Corn Kernels 18.4
Cucumber Trimmed 1.5
Garlic Flesh / Raw sliced 6.1
Garlic Puree 13
Garlic Paste1 11.3
Leeks Trimmed 2.9
Leeks Trimmed, Chopped, Boiled 2.6
Boiled Mushrooms 0.4
Canned Mushrooms Trace
Fried Mushrooms in Oil 0.3
Dried Shiitake Mushrooms 63.9
Fresh Shiitake Mushrooms 0
Onion Boiled 3.7
Onion Red, Caramelized / Caramelised 50.9
Onion Dried 68.6
Onion Flesh Only 7.9
Onion Fried in Oil 14.1
Onion Picked, Drained 4.9
Trimmed, Peeled, Boiled Parsnips 12.9
Frozen, Roasting Parsnip 6
Frozen, Roasting, Honey Glazed Parsips 14.9
Boiled Fresh Peas 10
Boiled Frozen Peas 9.7
Canned Peas 13.5
Boiled Dried Peas 19.9
Frozen Petits Pois Peas 5.5
Canned Petits Pois Peas 11

Vegetable Carbs List (PER 100 GRAMS)

Green Pepper Raw 2.6
Red Pepper Raw 6.4
Yellow Pepper Raw 5.3
Potatoes Roasted in oil 25.9
Baked Potato with skin 31.7
Baked Potato without skin 18
Potatoes Peeled and boiled 17
Potatoes Mashed with milk and butter 15.5
Shallots Boiled 0.8
Spinach Boiled or Frozen 0.5
Swede Boiled 2.3
Taro Raw 26.4
Canned Tomatoes 3
Cherry Tomatoes 3.1
Fried Tomatoes 5
Grilled Tomatoes 3.5
Tomato Puree 14.2
Raw Turnip 4.7
Boiled Turnip 2
Yam Flesh 28.2
Yam Flesh Boiled 33
Zucchini Raw with Skin 3.1

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