Calories in Vegetables
When dieting healthily, always set yourself realistic targets. If you are planning a calorie controlled diet you must remember that it is not about starving yourself and making yourself feel unhappy, it is about being healthy, eating the right foods and feeling good, energetic and vibrant! Vegetables are great for making you feel and look good as they are a rich source of vitamins and nutrients, providing the body with nutritional benefits that boost our health, energize the body and keep skin looking young, fresh and great. Fruit is healthy and we can eat as many different fruits as we like!
The recommended amount of calories required by female and male adults on a daily and weekly basis are as follows:

Male Adult 2550 calories per day, 17850 calories per week
Female Adult 1940 calories per day, 13580 calories per week
Healthy Foods Index
Vegetable Calories List (PER 100 GRAMS)

Globe Artichoke Stem, leave and heart boiled 18
Jerusalem Artichoke flesh boiled 41
Asparagus Calories Asparagus Boiled 26
Asparagus Canned, Drained 24
Asparagus Green and White Varieties 13
Aubergine Calories Aubergine Fried 302
Beetroot Calories Beetroot Boiled 46
Canned Broad Beans 82
Frozen Broad Beans Boiled 81
Shelled Broad Bean 77
Boiled Broccoli 24
Frozen Broccoli 31
Brussel Sprouts Boiled 35
Cauliflower Boiled 28
Cauliflower Frozen 26
Celery Stem 7
Celery Stem Boiled 8
Boiled Baby Corn on the Cob 24
Corn on the Cob 110
Canned Corn Kernels 122
Frozen Corn Kernels 93
Cucumber Trimmed 10
Garlic Flesh / Raw sliced 98
Garlic Puree 391
Garlic Paste1 34
Leeks Trimmed 22
Leeks Trimmed, Chopped, Boiled 21
Boiled Mushrooms 11
Canned Mushrooms 12
Fried Mushrooms in Oil 157
Dried Shiitake Mushrooms 296
Fresh Shiitake Mushrooms 8
Onion Boiled 17
Onion Red, Caramelized / Caramelised 213
Onion Dried 313
Onion Flesh Only 36
Onion Fried in Oil 164
Onion Picked, Drained 24
Trimmed, Peeled, Boiled Parsnips 66
Frozen, Roasting Parsnip 139
Frozen, Roasting, Honey Glazed Parsips 165
Boiled Fresh Peas 79
Boiled Frozen Peas 69
Canned Peas1 65
Boiled Dried Peas 109
Frozen Petits Pois Peas 49
Canned Petits Pois Peas 60

Vegetable Calories List (PER 100 GRAMS)

Green Pepper Raw 15
Red Pepper Raw 32
Yellow Pepper Raw 26
Potatoes Roasted in oil 149
Baked Potato with skin 136
Baked Potato without skin 77
Potatoes Peeled and boiled 72
Potatoes Mashed with milk and butter 104
Shallots Boiled 19
Spinach Boiled or Frozen 21
Swede Boiled 11
Taro Raw 112
Canned Tomatoes 16
Cherry Tomatoes 18
Fried Tomatoes 91
Grilled Tomatoes 20
Tomato Puree 76
Raw Turnip 23
Boiled Turnip 12
Yam Flesh 114
Yam Flesh Boiled 133
Zucchini Raw with Skin 17

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