Brussel Sprouts
The health benefits of brussel sprouts are outstanding, this vegetable offers high nutritional value as it is a good source of B vitamins including vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B5 and vitamin B6.
Other vitamins in brussel sprouts include vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K. There are lots of essential nutrients in these healthy vegetables and their mineral content is high. Brussel sprouts are rich in antioxidants.
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Brussel Sprouts
This health benefiting vegetable helps to strengthen the immune system and protect the body. It is excellent for memory and eye health, energizing the body, aiding the digestive system and helping it to function well.

Brussel Sprouts are very low in calories, this green vegetable offers many health benefits - vitamins, nutrients and minerals. This vibrant green, unique vegetable provides a high nutritional value. The amount of calories in brussel sprouts depends on the way that they are cooked, for example if baked, roasted, steamed, grilled, stir fried or boiled.

The following calorie guide can be used to calculate the amount of calories in Brussel Sprouts:

Calories in Brussel Sprouts per 100 grams:
Boiled Brussel Sprouts - 35 calories

Brussel Sprouts
Brussel Sprouts are vegetables that belong to the cabbage family and they are basically little cabbages that grow in a row, even spaced, on a long stalk.

The History of Brussel Sprouts
Brussel Sprouts are not to everybody's taste as the flavor of this vegetable is very distinctive. This unique tasting vegetable originated in Belgium (previously Flanders) during the middle ages. Brussel Sprouts have become increasingly popular over the years.

It is a preferable Christmas vegetable and a favored roast dinner vegetable. Brussel sprouts salad is also becoming a very popular recipe and people are trying out lots of new dishes with this nutritional vegetable. This is an extremely healthy and energizing vegetable that should be eaten as often as possible!

Picking and Storing Brussel Sprouts
The best tasting brussel sprouts are often the smaller and younger ones. These green vegetables should appear vibrant in color. The leaves should be tight and there shouldn't be any signs of the leaves wilting.

The brussel sprouts should be firm and hard. The leaves should not be loose, blemished or yellowing in color. To maintain the freshness, store in a cool place for up to several days.

How to Prepare Brussel Sprouts
If you are wondering what to do with brussel sprouts and how to prepare them for cooking, then the following instructions can be used as a guide to preparing these vegetables which are simple and easy to make:

Remove the bottom of the sprout stalk by cutting it away (just a small amount)
Peel away the outer leaves
Score a cross into the bottom of the brussel sprouts (optional - some people believe that it helps sprouts to cook more quickly)
Larger brussell sprouts may need to be chopped in half for cooking

How do you Cook Brussel Sprouts?
Brussel sprouts can be cooked in various ways such as grilling, roasting, boiling, steaming or even used to make a stir-fry! Do not over cook them as this will reduce their nutritional value as it will cause a great loss of vitamins. Cook brussel sprouts until they are just tender.

Brussel Sprouts Grilled (Recipe)
Grilled brussel sprouts recipes are becoming very popular! Grilling this vegetable might seem unusual but it is a very healthy way of preparing brussel sprouts and them taste delicious grilled. For following instructions can be used as a simple guide to grilled brussel sprouts:

Prepare the brussel sprouts following the simple preparation guide above
Boil the brussel sprout in salted water for approximately 4 to 5 minutes, no longer, then drain off water
Place half teaspoon of kosher salt, celery salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder in a bowl
Pour a small amount of olive oil over the brussel sprouts before placing them in the bowl and evenly covering them with the mixture
Place the brussel sprouts under a hot grill for approximately 12 minutes
This brussel sprouts recipe is excellent when served with parmesan cheese or bacon

Brussel Sprouts Roasted (Recipe)
Roasted Brussel sprout recipes are also becoming very popular! This vegetable tastes delicious roasted and it's very simple to make and easy to prepare, and is done so almost in the same way as you would roast potatoes. The following instructions can be used as a simple guide to roasted brussel sprouts:

Preheat oven to gas mark 6 / 200 C
Prepare the brussel sprouts following the easy preparation guide above
Pour 3 tablespoons of olive oil into a medium sized food bag
Put the brussel sprouts in the bag and mix them around to evenly coat them in olive oil
Empty the bag of brussel sprouts onto a baking tray
Place in the oven and allow to cook for approximately 30 to 45 minutes, or until tender
Shake the baking tray at frequent intervals to ensure the brussel sprouts brown evenly

Boil Brussel Sprouts how long to cook brussel sprouts
Boiling brussel sprouts is very easy, follow the preparation instructions then place the sprouts in boiling water and allow them to boil for approximately 5 minutes, or until tender but not too soft or over-cooked as this will cause a greater loss of vitamins that necessary. Drain the brussel sprouts and serve.

How to Steam Brussel Sprouts
Steaming Brussel sprouts is simple to do! Follow the instructions for preparation as stated above then immerse the sprouts in a small amount of boiling water, approximately 1 inch, cover and allow to steam until tender. Steaming brussel sprouts should only take a few minutes.

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